What are they?

Trolls are strange beings, ranging from immeasurably beautiful to astoundingly grotesque.

In the North live both these sorts, and many in-between; however, the Stone Trolls are the savage ones we hear tell of most often, and thus folk have reason to believe all trolls are ugly and cruel- a fact which is, however, not true. The Wood Trolls, a beautiful race of Troll-folk that look like elves (but even more beautiful), live in the great Kingdom of the Forest. Well, the women are beautiful- I am unsure of whether there are males. Some say the men are just as ugly as the Stone trolls; others that the Wood Trolls are only female, and that they seduce mortal men to be their husbands, giving them great wealth in return. Unfortunately, all those whom I've asked about this subject that have claimed knowledge of the latter by virtue of personal experience have come to bad ends shortly after. So, since the Wood Trolls obviously wish to retain their secrecy on such subjects, I will let you draw your own conclusions.

There are many other types of troll-folk as well- from the small, mischievous (even cute) pizkies, to the huge and wily Ogres, who are said to be able to shapeshift (I've seen them in natural form, and I can tell why they would want to change their shape).

                                                                                    Yours as always,

                                                                                                Bryan of Ashwinter


From the Troll-maidens of the Wood to the strangest types of the far caverns...