If Satyrs are the world's teens, then Kender are its children. They have an innate immunity to fear, a strong curiosity, and a tendency to wander off at around twenty years of age (although some leave far earlier), a period formally called the Wanderlust. Kender, though often thought of as thieves, never steal, and get very indignant when accused of such. However, they have a tendency to find things that aren't theirs, and to 'discover' lost items. They don't want to pick your pocket or the lock on a door to steal anything (and will happily give back any item that has found its way into their pouches); they simply have an innate 'need to know'. Then they often find the object so amazing that they forget to return it when they have the chance. So they simply slip it into one of their various pouches to return later... and normally forget about it as soon as it leaves their sight.



the Creation of the Kender Race as told to Lunatar Duinru by the god Flint.Edit

"A very long time ago, a little after we had helped create the dragons, my cousin Relegas and I looked around at the world, in all its beauty, and I remarked that it was a shame there was no one like us to explore it all. The Humans and Dwarves were fine, but they mostly stayed at home. So Rel and I decided to see if maybe one of the older gods had created a race we could model ours on. For this purpose, we convinced a dragon to take us east, far over the sea. We found an entire unknown continent there, which the Elves inhabited. We found twelve of their most curious and adventerous members who were willing to be a basis for this new race. Therefore, we sort of stole a boat to take us back to Dariad. Once we reached the continent, we sailed into the mouth of a river, and then far up it to a place near the future site of the Great City. We moored the boat on the shore, and headed inland until we found great-sized clearing, where we set up camp. Then we began the process. We put the Elves into a deep sleep, and then shortened them to about four feet, gave them great skill in stealth and theivery, and I favored them with luck, a perpetually youthful appearance, and skill with traps. A few other gods helped as well. When all was finished, we woke these new beings, and their leader and I contrived their name: Kender."