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A high-fun, high-fantasy, high-adventure, realistic LARP (i.e, no dice rolls, cards- we get out there and do stuff!)
Fighting with the legends of yore

None of this. Unless your character is the gambling type...

Welcome to the Heroes of the Golden Dawn LARP WikiEdit

Heroes of the Golden Dawn- an amazing world of adventure and magic, with many races such as Elves, Orcs, Humans, Dwarves (or Dwerrows),Kender, Barbarians, and even Satyrs!

Not only this, but we have lots of classes as well- from rogue to warrior, to mage and paladin!

Join us!Edit

This is your chance to enter a new world, where good deeds bring fame and merit, and adventure meets you at every turn. Teenagers (our age) with large tracts of forest are especially welcome, and more so if they have space for many people to stay.

Message me for info. - Tristantak

What the Scribes have WrittenEdit