Elves are a generally tall race with pointed ears and great magical aptitude. They have a fondness for music and light wine. Elves love he wilderness, no matter what kind they are. There are four types of elves, the normal Elf, the Wild Elf, the Dark Elf, and the Moon Elf.

Elves love the wilderness.

Wild Elves- a historyEdit

Long ago, before the gods left the world, a large group of elves seeking to found a colony traveled far to the east of their land, eventually coming to the west coast of Dariad. Here they split, as some wished to travel northward and others farther east. The group that traveled north encountered an odd, feral race- the Primal Orcs -and, believing them to be animals, treated them as such. Sadly, the orcs eventually rose up against their masters, who realized too late their greivious mistake. That group of elves was completely annihilated. Meanwhile, the group that traveled east settled in the Deep Forest and the plains of the Wild Ones, and in the latter they interbred with the native humans; their descendants are the Barbarian race. Occasionally, a Wild Elf from the Deep Forest will emerge into mainstream civilization and pass him- or herself off as a regular Elf, but on the whole, this race is not very common.

The Common ElvesEdit

Normally called simply Elves, the Elven race arrived on the east coast of Dariad after fleeing their continent, which was destroyed by a major disaster caused when a small earthquake in the north caused the chain of volcanoes there there to erupt, which in turn caused powerful earthquakes and covered the sky in ash and smoke. As most of the continent was undermined by great tunnels and caverns, the powerful earthquakes caused the roofs of these to cave in, and often filled them with water.

After the Elves arrived in Dariad, they sparked 2,000 years of exploration. Sadly, one expedition came upon the Orcs, thus touching off the Great War.

Dark ElvesEdit

Created shortly before the Great War, Dark Elves are the descendants of a group of elves corrupted by a shrine to the Orc gods of Evil and Chaos. These elves have the abilty to use very dark magic, and they take advantage of this.

Moon ElvesEdit

The descendants of Elf-Dark Elf halflings raised good or of Dark elves who turned good, Moon Elves can use both Light magic and Dark abilities, such as shadewalking.