The Race of DwarvesEdit

The people called Dwarves are stout folk, and true to their allies, though their love for gold and beautiful things of metal or stone can cause their loyalty to waver. Their own name for their people is Khadîn (Dwarves/the Dwarves).


The Dwarven Language, called by them Khadnâl, is hard for most outsiders to learn (even when dwarves fell inclined to teach), as it is structured quite differently from the other tongues spoken in Dariad. The words are derivd from roots with parts known as radicals. For example, Kh-d-n confers the sense of general 'Dwarvishness'; Khadn means dwarf; and Khadîn means Dwarves. Khadnâl means simply 'Dwarven Speech', Or, more accurately, 'Dwarvish'.