Race- Quick descriptionEdit

My Character's race is (choose up to two):

Kender- The most notorious race in the world. They tend to find things others have dropped.

Satyr- fun-loving goat-men with a taste for wine , practical jokes, and occasionally furniture.

Human- The jack-of-all-trades race, and the most common race.

Dwarf- stocky, bearded metalworkers. Gruff, but loyal, they make great friends.

Barbarian or Wild One- Descendants of ancient Elves from long before the current age and the humans whom they merged with. Live far in the south of the continent. Technically called Eolar.

Orc- tall, greenish-brown skinned humanoids. not normally too bright, but they love a good fight.

Elf- tall humanoids with pointed ears, a graceful build, and an aptitude for magic. Various types.

Job ClassEdit