The Age of Shadows was the time after the Primal Ages, when the years were unnumbered and the Agh-Rad ruled the world in darkness and chaos, and before the Shining Age, when the New Gods re-created the wasteland and its inhabitants. During the primal ages, however, a great many good things happened, as in the Age of Shadows. In 1 AS, the goddess of stars and the god of music were born and hidden away from the Agh-Rad while they grew up. In 5,000 AS, the Agh-Rad were imprisoned, and the world was cleansed. In 12,000 AS, the first children of the New Gods were born. In 14,000 AS, their next set was born, and in 20,000 AS, the Age of Shadows came to an end with the birth of the god of light, his sister-wife the goddess of earth, and the Starmusic Spirit, last child of the gods of stars and music.

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Age of Shadows
( 1 AS20,000 AS)
History of the World

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Years of the Age of Shadows
1 AS · 5,000 AS · 12,000 AS · 14,000 AS · 20,000 AS